Annual Meeting

#AADOCR2022 Promotional Toolkit

Use these toolkit resources and the hashtag #AADOCR2022 to share your experience, join the conversation, and get 2022 AADOCR/CADR Annual Meeting & Exhibition updates!

Create a personalized poster!

Presenting? Share it!

Upload a picture, customize the text and share your personalized posters on social media using #AADOCR2022. 

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Want to include your photo?

  • If You Know How To Edit Photos: 
    • Download this PNG template and place your photo where “Add Your Photo Here” text is.
  • Step-by-Step Version in PowerPoint:
  1. Download the PowerPoint Template File.
  2. Insert your photo (be sure to cover the section that says “Your Photo Here”)
  3. Crop your photo to fit the white area
  4. Go to File > Export
  5. When window pops up, choose File Format: PNG
  6. Export and then upload your image to social media!    
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Add a frame to your profile picture!

Download this image to your device then upload to Twitter or Facebook as your profile picture. 

Join the conversation

Sample Posts

Simply adapt these sample posts or create your own using #AADOCR2022.

Make your promotional efforts go further and build excitement around #AADOCR2022 with these tips and tricks.

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Zoom Background

Download this Zoom background to promote the 2022 AADOCR/CADR Annual Meeting & Exhibition during your virtual meetings!

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Download the “I’m Attending Badge”
Photo Badge Attending