Science Policy

Oral Disease Related to Tobacco Use

Tobacco use is the principal risk factor for oral cancer. It also increases the risk for periodontal disease and decreases the ability of oral tissues to heal. Other oral effects include halitosis (bad breath), decreased ability to taste, and increased staining of the teeth. Smokeless tobacco (spit tobacco), snus and electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) are, although considered harm reduction alternatives to smoked tobacco, are not without their risks. Tobacco use in any form is harmful to health and should be discouraged. The AADOCR urges oral health professionals to subscribe to practices that prevent initiation of tobacco use in any form among their patients and the public, and to facilitate and reinforce cessation among users and to carry out cessation programs in their offices using standard procedures and medications as appropriate.


(adopted 1996, revised 2015)

"Tobacco use in any form is harmful to health and should be discouraged."