Outstanding Local Student Research Group Chapter Award

The AADOCR NSRG vision is to “help dental students across the nation establish chapters and encourage participation in their respective schools, to ensure that research is seen as a vital aspect of dentistry.” Therefore, the NSRG takes pride in recognizing LSRGs for their achievements throughout the year that continue to foster awareness of research in dentistry. This award is aimed to recognize one particular SRG that has excelled in all categories of a successful SRG.

Award Prize/Recognition


Key Dates

Applications Open:

Aug 01, 2023

Applications Closed:

Nov 29, 2023

  • A biannual newsletter
  • An active social networking page or web page
  • 20% of its members participating in research
  • Hosted or sponsored at least two events per year to promote research
  • Exemplified excellence at their regional level by submitting an event summary document to their local regional representative

The outstanding SRG will be recognized and awarded $400 at the NSRG business meeting at the AADOCR Annual Meeting. They will also have the honor to present their SRG successes at the NSRG Faculty Advisor Breakfast.

Local Student Research Groups are encouraged to apply yearly, however previous Outstanding LSRG Chapter Award winners are only eligible to win once every four years. This restriction is to ensure other LSRGs are given the opportunity to be recognized and win this award.

All information should be carefully PROOFREAD. The information you submit will not be re-typed and will be provided to the NSRG Board exactly as you submit it.

Please include a color photo of your LSRG as an attachment to the application form. The photo should be in .jpeg, .png or .gif format.

2021 Recipient

Roseman University of Health Sciences, Henderson, NV, US

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