NSRG Election Information

NSRG People

Call for nominations now open!

Nomination deadline: November 30, 2021

Email completed forms along with a headshot to nsrg@aadocr.org.

NSRG Officers


Anyone interested in serving as an AADOCR National Student Research Group Officer must be available to attend the following meetings, first as an Officer-elect and then as an Officer:

August 2021 NSRG Board Meeting (virtual)

December 2021 AADOCR Board of Directors Meeting (President and President-elect only)

January 2022 NSRG Board Meeting (held in Alexandria, Virginia)

March 2022 AADOCR/CADR Annual Meeting & Exhibition (Atlanta, Ga.)

Expenses for the NSRG Board Meetings and for the AADOCR Board of Directors Meetings are covered by AADOCR. Students are responsible for their own travel, lodging, and registration for the IADR General Sessions and AADOCR Annual Meetings.


An Officer-elect must have no less than two years remaining in their respective training program and as an eligible student member of AADOCR (as defined in the AADOCR Constitution) in order to be considered for election—one year to serve as officer-elect and a second year to serve as officer. Additionally, to ensure a diverse representation on the NSRG, only one candidate is eligible to run from each school.

The following are the specific duties of each office:

Election Procedures

  1. All AADOCR student members and faculty advisors will be notified of the officer nomination deadlines and procedures by email starting in November of the year before the election. Election deadlines and information will be available through the AADOCR NSRG Web Page.
  2. The nomination forms and guidelines will be available on the AADOCR NSRG Web Page. Students (members of AADOCR) who are attending or affiliated with a U.S. dental school or institution who are interested in running for national officer positions will complete and submit the nomination form on the Web by the deadline. Officer election should begin at least three weeks before the AADOCR/CADR Annual Meeting or IADR/AADOCR/CADR General Session. Candidate nomination forms are due one week before the start of the election.
  3. Ballots with candidate information will be sent electronically to all AADOCR student members.
  4. The election deadline will be set for three weeks after the ballots are sent to the students. Voting reminders will be sent out weekly prior to the election deadline.
  5. Computer ballots will ask for a voting code in order to participate in the election. AADOCR student membership must be current for the election year in order to receive a ballot and voting code.

Names of the new officers will be announced during the IADR/AADOCR/CADR General Session or AADOCR/CADR Annual Meeting at the AADOCR NSRG Business Meeting and published in the AADOCR NSRG newsletter. Please address any questions to nsrg@aadocr.org or the current NSRG President.

Candidate Information

Candidates for NSRG office must complete the candidacy form. The next NSRG officer election will be held in November 2021. Online voting for the NSRG Officer slate will take place November 2021. Elected individuals will be announced during the AADOCR NSRG Student Meeting, taking place March 23, 2022, during the AADOCR/CADR Virtual General Session and will begin their terms as officers-elect at the conclusion of the 2021 IADR/AADOCR/CADR Virtual General Session. Elected candidates will take office at the conclusion of the 2022 IADR/AADOCR/CADR General Session & Exhibition and will serve through the 2023 IADR/AADOCR/CADR Annual Meeting & Exhibition.

To ensure a diverse representation on the NSRG, only one candidate is eligible to run from each school. The NSRG Nominating Committee will review all nominees at the conclusion of the candidacy period. If there are multiple nominees from a school, the local SRG faculty advisor will be asked to select one candidate for the entire ballot.

Any active student member of IADR/AADOCR must have renewed their membership or joined prior to November 15, 2021, to be eligible to run and/or vote in this year's election. Student members must be enrolled or affiliated with a U.S.-based dental school or institution in order to run for office.

All information submitted on the candidacy form should be carefully PROOFREAD. The information you submit will not be re-typed and will be provided for voters exactly as you submit it.